created by mom

for mom

Design created by mom for mom
Design AIRNANNY A7 was designed by Olga Kalugina - a professional, winner of international competitions and the mother of a wonderful girl.

"The AirNanny project has a special meaning for me. Here I am not just an expert, but a mother who creates a product for her family and other moms."
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Photocatalytic filter
Thank you for your interest in AIRNANNY A7! You made the right choice when you decided to take care of the air in your home.
Right now we are making the device even better, to offer you advanced technology and the most reliable AIRNANNY. Leave a request in this form. During the pre-order special conditions apply for you - 10% discount and a set of filters for a year as a gift!
After you send the order, we will contact you and tell you in detail about the conditions, as well as answer all your questions.